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Christie’s Funeral Home & Crematorium is the oldest continuous business in Yorkton, but is also one of the most modern. We have continued to make investments in new and improved facilities in order to exceed customer expectations. 


We hope our presence on the internet is helpful to those we offer our services to. Our promise to our community is to provide caring, experienced service at reasonable prices. We are always available to answer your questions and explain options that suite your needs.

We recently came across this poem by Tanya Lord, it seems to answer a question that is often posed to funeral directors. 

I am so often asked
"Tell me, what can I do?"
So today I will share
some ideas with you.

Missing for a lifetime
Is so hard to explain
Take time to listen
Feeling alone is a strain

Invite me to come
To the places you go
Ask over and over
Till I no longer say "no"

Hold my hand in love
When the pain is too much
There is healing found
In this simple touch

Death changed who I am
Don't ask me to go back
A soul changed by grief
Has to find a new track

Embrace this new me
As I strive to go on
Understanding my life
When my loved one is gone

I will tell of love shared
And speak their name
For today and forever
I hope you do the same

     -Tanya Lord


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