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Christie’s Funeral Home & Crematorium is the oldest continuous business in Yorkton, but is also one of the most modern. It has continued to make investments in new and improved facilities in order to exceed customer expectations.

The First Rule in Funeral is-
There Are No Rules

     If a song has meaning to the family or the person
  it should be sung.

     If there are special people who can share meaningful thoughts
      and insights into the life of the person
                     they should be heard.

If the family wants to speak
           they should do so even if their voices break

           and they must stop for a cry or so.

     If there are special things that had meaning to the person:
     a fishing boat, an old car, pictures of the life, mementos of an occupation ....
  they should be at the service.

These are the things that make a funeral meaningful.                  

- The Staff of Christie's Funeral Home & Crematorium 

Saskatchewan Funeral and Cremation Council
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